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"Management is the judicious use of means to accomplish an end" A quote which defines the role of The Missing Link. With an in-depth knowledge of the leisure and entertainment industry, we assist in the management of the project or event. Working alongside the individual discipline experts, to bring to fruit the magic of this industry.

"Bespoke" is a term used for an individually, or custom-made product or service. Our services are tailored to your requirements, however large or small the production.

  • Event Management

... provides the necessary experts chosen by their competence, to assist in the creation and realization of themed environments.

All of the associates provided by Missing Link Consulting & Services are independent professionals or companies meticulously chosen through their competence, professionalism, and common vision and passion in the creation of excellence.

…provides assistance (in-house, through trading partnership agreements, and in the research and procurement of specialised resources) in the creation, development and execution of themed projects and events.  

Project Development

Owner’s Representative, Feasibility Consultant, Operations Consultant, Master Planner 

Creative Design and Development

Producer, Show Producer, Show Writer, Creative Director, Show Director, Project Illustrator, Concept Creator  

Venue Design and Development

Concept Architect, Architect of Record, Landscape Architect, Theatre Designer, Interior Designer, Architectural Lighting Designer, Acoustician, Acoustical /Audio Designer, Graphics Designer, Civil Engineer, Structural Engineer, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Communication / Networks Engineer  

Attraction Design and Production


Production Designer, Art Director, Set Designer, Illustrator, Character Designer, Show Graphics Designer, Vehicle Designer, Rockwork Designer, Costume Designer, Costumers, Show Lighting Designer, Lighting Programmer, Character Lighting Designer, Media Designer, Media Programmer, Sound Designer, Music Director, Music Supervisor, Music Composer, Music Orchestrator/Arranger, Special Effects Designer, Special Effects Programmer, Interactive Systems Designer, Animatronics Designer, Technical Director, Media Systems Designers, Technical Writer  


Show Electrical Engineer, Show Control Engineer, Animatronics Engineer, Ride Systems Engineer, Ride Controls Engineer, Vehicle Engineer, Show Mechanical Engineer, Show Action Controls Engineer  


Show Systems Manager, Show Production Manager, Sets/Scenery Fabricator, Scenic Painter, Muralist, Rockwork Fabricator, Artificial Foliage Fabricator, Show Props and Dressings Fabricator, Graphics/Signage Fabricator, Exhibit/Collections Curator, Exhibition Fabricator, Animatronics Programmer, Animatronics Fabricator, Special Effects Manager, Special Effects Fabricator, Theatrical Rigging & Equipment Consultant, Theatrical Rigging & Equipment Vendor, Theatrical Rigging & Equipment Installer, Lighting Vendor, Lighting Installer, Audio Vendor, Audio Installer, Video Equipment Vendor, Video Equipment Installer, Projection Systems Vendor, Projection Systems Installer, Show Control Fabricator, Show Control Installer, Show Control System Programmer  

Mechanical Systems

Ride Systems Manager, Ride Production Manager, Ride Systems Fabricator, Ride Control Programmer, Vehicle Fabricator, Propulsion Fabricator, Ride Controls Fabricator, Ride Systems Installer, Show Action Production Manager, Show Action Equipment Fabricator, Show Action Controls Fabricator, Show Action Systems Installer, Show Action Control Programmer  

Media Production

Media Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Associate Producer, Writer, Choreographer, Actors / Performers, Production Manager, Production Designer, Art Director, Graphics Designer, Set Decorator, Costume Designer, Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Gaffer, Key Grip, Sound Supervisor, Sound Designer, Sound Recordist, Animator/Animation, Special Effects Supervisor, Post-Production Supervisor, Music Supervisor, Music Composer, Editor, Sound Editor, Re-Recording Mixer, Visual Effects Supervisor  

Live Entertainment Production

Director, Assistant Director, Producer, Associate Producer, Writer, Choreographer, Production Designer, Art Director, Costume Designer, Lighting Designer, Projection Designer, Sound Designer, Music Supervisor, Music Composer, Production Manager, Stage Manager, Special Effects Supervisor, Special Effects Designer  

Project Management

Project Director/Manager, Project Administrator, Project Coordinator, Document Control / FTP Site Administrator, Project Scope Writer, Project Planner, Project Finance Manager, Cost Accountant, Estimator, Project Business Affairs, Contract Manager, Procurement / Purchasing Agent  


General Contractor, Construction Manager, Landscape Contractor, Specialty Contractor 


Training Manager, Maintenance Supervisor



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