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Created in early 2002 by Benjamin Rudd, MissingLink, as an independent consultant and service provider, developed rapidly from event production and exploitation to major attraction development and production. With previous higher level management experience in the sales and marketing fields, the choice to pursue a career in the leisure and entertainment industry was swift. Associating management skills and an in depth knowledge of the industry, Benjamin quickly created a reputation of “trouble-shooter” on difficult projects.


Coupled with an ever developing knowledge of the industry, a calm demeanour and a methodical logic, Benjamin has from the offset been integrated in the core of the productions. 'A production team is a family of experts brought together to produce a program.'


This was the reason for the name. MissingLink is just one of those links; a link to 'bring it all together'.


Benjamin Rudd

Management is the judicious use of means to accomplish an end”. A quote which describes not only MissingLink in it’s approach, but the methodology of Benjamin, founder of Benjamin Rudd Consulting. Specialising in the realization of construction, high end theme finishing and integration of show elements.


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